Automatic Transmissions

Auto transmission faults are diagnosed and serviced using specialised servicing/flush and scanning equipment.

The automatic transmission is one of the hardest working and most sophisticated parts of your car using a complex system of mechanics and hydraulics. Over time and with wear, transmission oil becomes contaminated with small abrasive bits causing greater wear.

You need to service your auto transmission regularly – at least every 24 months or 25,000km and more frequently if you use your vehicle for towing or in environments which cause a lot of stopping and starting. Some models may also require more regular transmission servicing.

Signs of Auto Transmission Faults

  • Harsh shifting or jerky gear changing
  • Sudden revving of engine due to transmission slipping
  • Gear shifting appears slower
  • Slow acceleration
  • Oil smells burnt or is brown in colour
  • Unusual noises
  • Delay when shifting from reverse to drive
  • Oil leaks or low oil levels is one of the main causes of transmission faults
Automatic Transmissions