The Express Service is tailored to those ‘on the run’ and covers:

  • Changing engine oil and oil filter
  • Under bonnet check and general vehicle inspection
  • Road test

Areas of concern or parts requiring immediate attention are discussed with the customer

Ask about upgrading to Premium grade oil "GT"

Semi Synthetic oil recommended for turbo, performance and late model vehicles.

Express Vehicle Servicing


  • Drain engine oil
  • Replace engine oil filter
  • Fill with new engine oil
  • Inspect engine for oil leaks

Fluid Levels - inspect and/or top up

  • Air filter cleaned or replaced (extra cost)
  • Brake master cylinder fluid levels
  • Power steer fluid level (if applicable)
  • Manual or automatic transmission oil, diff oil level (if applicable)
  • Engine drive belts, tension and condition (excludes cambelt)
  • Battery level and terminals
  • Windscreen washer fluid

Cooling System

  • Engine coolant levels
  • Visual inspection of cooling system
  • Check radiator cap condition

Shock, Suspension, Steering & Brakes

  • Check suspension is secure and check for leaks
  • Check steering joints for play
  • Check wheel bearings


Underside of the Vehicle

  • Visual inspection of brakes
  • Inspect CV boots (if applicable)
  • Grease all grease nipples (if applicable)
  • Visual inspection of exhaust for condition and security
  • Check, adjust and set tyre pressures
  • Check tyres for uneven wear, damage and tread depth
  • General visual inspection of suspension and steering
  • Tyre shine applied

Road Test

  • The vehicle is driven and the performance of brakes, engine and suspension is checked.

Other things to be done at servicing

  • Engine flush of old engine oil
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Automatic Transmission oil change
  • Manual gearbox and diff oil change
  • Power steer oil flush and change