Engine Tuning

Engine tuning is carried out to make the vehicle run smoother, more reliable and more economical.

It is road tested and checked.

Need advice or a tune up?

What is done during a tune up

  • Adjust air/fuel ration to specifications (if applicable)
  • Adjust idle air speed


  • Check tappets or lifter noise
  • Inspect emission control system
  • Inspect operation of EGR and exhaust
  • Inspect PCV valve system
  • Check air intake and ducting
  • Air filter is checked and replaced if required

Ignition System

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check and test HT leads, condition and Ohm resistance
  • Check and test oil packs
  • Check wiring etc to coils
  • Check and clean distributor and test distributor cap (if applicable)
  • Check battery charging system
  • Check Earths
  • Adjust and set ignition timing to manufacturers specification

Electronic Injection System

  • Check all vacuum hoses
  • Check all fuel hoses secure with no leaks
  • Clean and check throttle body
  • Inspect throttle body for binding and set correctly
  • Inspect induction system for air leaks and security
  • Check operation of injectors and fuel rail
  • Clean and check air flow meter (if applicable)
  • Adjust air/fuel ration to specifications (if applicable)
  • Adjust idle air speed

Road Test

  • Test drive the vehicle and check engine performance. Plus the general performance of the brakes and suspension is checked.


There will be an extra costs if the air filter requires replacing and or injector requires cleaning.
No mechanical parts will be removed for inspection unless otherwise stated. The above list may vary depending on the vehicle make and model.

Engine Tuning