Shocks & Suspension

Shocks are the important part that keeps your tyres in contact with the road when braking and cornering.

Faulty shocks or worn suspension dramatically reduces the performance of your tyres and brakes.

Need advice or your suspension replaced?

Shock Absorber Facts

  • A vehicle with worn shocks can take up to 20% more in distance to stop in an emergency - the difference between stopping safely, or having an accident.
  • Worn shocks will reduce the vehicles ability to corner safely at speed.
  • Faulty shocks put extra stress and load on other suspension parts causing premature failure - this can also apply to brakes.
  • Poor handling through worn shocks and suspension makes the ride in your vehicle uncomfortable and puts yourself and your family at risk.

Signs of Dangerous Shocks & Suspension

  • Steering wheel vibrates while driving
  • Uneven and premature tyre wear
  • Oil leaks for shocks
  • Knocking noises from suspension while driving over bumps
  • Vehicle dips or sways badly under braking and cornering
  • Vehicle rocks and rolls over bumps
  • Vehicle nervous, slides during cornering
Shocks & Suspension